Interpretation - A Critical Primer - Nathan Eric Dickman

Interpretation - A Critical Primer - Nathan Eric Dickman

The Mediums of Interpretation

Interpretation - A Critical Primer - Nathan Eric Dickman

Nathan Eric Dickman [+-]
University of the Ozarks
Nathan Eric Dickman (PhD, The University of Iowa) is an associate professor of philosophy at the University of the Ozarks. He researches in hermeneutic phenomenology, philosophy of language, and comparative questions in philosophies of religions, with particular concerns about global social justice issues in ethics and religions. He has taught a breadth of courses, from Critical Thinking to Zen, and Existentialism to Greek & Arabic philosophy. His book titled "Using Questions to Think" (Bloomsbury, 2021) examines the roles questions play in critical thinking and reasoning, his book titled "Philosophical Hermeneutics and the Priority of Questions in Religions" (Bloomsbury, 2022) examines the roles questions play in religious discourse, and his book titled "Interpretation: A Critical Primer" (Equinox, 2023) examines the role of questions in the interpretation of texts.


Chapter Three, The Mediums of Interpretation, will examine the medium in which interpretation takes place: language. We will develop a philosophy of language informed by the art and practice of interpretation. This turns our attention away from language systems (such as Thai, Arabic, English, etc.) and toward living dialogues, conversations that we actually have with one another even if we speak different languages and have to muddle through to reach an understanding. We will look at ways language transforms experience, from sensation of material environments to conceptions of meaningful worlds. Language liberates us from the immediacy of environments. In this way, language is like an artwork. The transformative power of works of art provide a clue to grasping how language liberates us, despite common figures of speech that “language” is too limiting for grasping profound truths.

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