11. Living in Mindfulness and Wisdom

Teaching Awareness in the Buddhist Tradition - Essays in Honour of Professor Corrado Pensa - Chiara Neri

Andrea Schnoller [+-]
Meditation Teacher
Andrea Schnöller resides at the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso above Locarno, Italy. He is part of the Swiss Capuchin community. He holds regular evening meditation courses in Ticino. He founded an association for meditation and spiritual growth called the ‘Ponte sul Guado’, in the Chiese Valley, Trento. He completed journalism studies at the Catholic University of Milan and psychology studies at the Center for Psychology and Transactional Analysis in Milan. For several years he followed the yoga and meditation courses, including vipassanā retreats, with Corrado Pensa and introductory courses to Christian meditation with Father Antonio Gentili, with whom he published Dio nel silenzio, Ancora 2009.


This essay illustrates the use of awareness, understood as the wisdom of life, finding images and parallels between the use made of it within the Christian and Buddhist paths. Presence and listening prove to be fundamental elements for spiritual transformation, to live in harmony with what surrounds us and to be in ‘love for reality.’ If awareness becomes a pervasive and all-encompassing attitude, it leads to peace of heart.

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