16. Spanish

Approximants - Their Phonetics and Phonology - Martin J. Ball

Mauricio Figueroa Candia [+-]
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
Mauricio A. Figueroa Candia is an Assistant Professor of experimental phonetics at Universidad de Concepción (Chile). He graduated with a PhD in Speech, Hearing and Phonetic Sciences from University College London, and specializes in the application of experimental methods to address research questions from phonetics and phonology, often within Sociolinguistics and Ethnolinguistics. His publications include studies of the sociophonetic variation of Chilean Spanish, and studies on the phonetic and phonemic systems of Chilean vernacular languages, including Mapudungun and Kawesqar.
Brandon Rogers [+-]
Texas Tech University
Brandon M. A. Rogers earned his PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of Minnesota, USA. He currently works as an assistant professor of linguistics and translation at Texas Tech University, USA. His research focuses on phonetics, phonology, sociophonetics, prosody, and language contact. His most recent work has examined prosodic variation in Chilean Spanish, sociophonetic variation in Chilean and Peruvian Spanish, and language contact between Mapudungun and Chilean Spanish, Quechua and Peruvian Spanish, as well as English and Spanish in the US.

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