Chronological History of Life and Work

Grażyna Bacewicz - Joanna Sendłak

Joanna Sendłak [+-]
Joanna Sendłak is the grand-daughter of Grażyna Bacewicz. She was born and studied in Warsaw - first painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, then philosophy at the University. She has exhibited paintings in Warsaw galleries, published stories in literary magazines and is the author of a number of novels, most recently The Dreamer of 76th Street (Nowy Świat, 2016), With Fire: Grażyna Bacewicz in Love on the Eve of War (Skarpa Warszawska, 2018) and Symphony of Stars (Skarpa Warszawska, 2019). Two volumes of her short stories were published by Fundacja Światło Literatury in 2019: Atotsi and Labirynt.

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