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Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology
Edited by: A. Bernard Knapp

General Editor for MMA Volume 10: John F. Cherry

Editorial Board:
John F. Cherry, Brown University
Lin Foxhall, University of Leicester
Alfredo Gonzalez-Ruibal, Spanish National Research Council
John Robb, Cambridge University
Felipe Rojas, Brown University
Susan Sherratt, University of Sheffield
Peter van Dommelen, Brown University
David Wengrow, University College London

Aimed at the international archaeological community, Monographs in Mediterranean Archaeology (MMA) seeks significant new contributions from the multicultural world of Mediterranean archaeology, publishing problem-oriented studies that present a solid, extensive corpus of archaeological data within a sound theoretical and/or methodological framework. MMA volumes deal with major archaeological issues related to the islands and lands or regions that border (or impact on) the Mediterranean Sea. No constraints are placed on the period of focus, from Palaeolithic through early Modern. We encourage contributions that treat the social, politico-economic and ideological aspects of local or regional production and development; issues related to social interaction and change or exchange; or more specific and contemporary issues such as gender, agency, identity, representation, phenomenology, landscape, etc.

MMA volumes might include, in addition to original case studies: revised Ph.D. dissertations; well-structured and coherently interpreted final excavation or survey reports; tightly edited conference proceedings or other collections of high quality and general interest. Purely descriptive excavation reports or survey results will not be considered.

Guidelines for Authors/Contributors

Authors should follow the guidelines for Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology.

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Understanding Cypriote Cult (October 2015)
Potnios Theron and the Search for a Principal Male Divinity in Iron Age Cyprus
(Volume 15)
Derek B. Counts

Monumentality, Place and Social Interaction on Late Bronze Age Cyprus (October 2015)
(Volume 14)
Kevin D. Fisher

The Black Sea in Prehistory (October 2015)
Cycles of Interaction and Emergence from the 4th to the 2nd Millennia BCE
(Volume 16)
Alexander A. Bauer

Citadel and Cemetery in Early Bronze Age Anatolia (November 2014)
(Volume 13)
Christoph Bachhuber

The Power of Technology in the Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean (January 2009)
The Case of the Painted Plaster
(Volume 12)
Ann Brysbaert

Rural Landscapes of the Punic World (December 2008)
(Volume 11)
Peter van Dommelen, Carlos Gómez Bellard

Debating Orientalization (October 2006)
Multidisciplinary Approaches to Change in the Ancient Mediterranean
(Volume 10)
General Editor, Vol 10, MMA: John F. Cherry

Edited by: Corinna Riva, Nicholas C. Vella

Mortuary Ritual and Society in Bronze Age Cyprus (August 2004)
(Volume 9)
Priscilla Keswani

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