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Southover Press Historic Cookery and Housekeeping
Edited by: Ann O' G. Bagnall

Southover Press was formed in 1987 by Ann Bagnall to publish reprints of historic English cookbooks. The acquisition of the list by Equinox in 2007 means that tradition will continue. Books in the reprint series bear introductions by contemporary food historians and writers to set the authors and recipes in context and where useful, there are glossaries.

The Southover Press won a Glenfiddich Special Award in 1998.

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William Verrall's Cookery Book, 1759 (August 2007)
With an Introduction by Colin Brent
William Verrall

Modern Cookery for Private Families (June 2007)
Eliza Acton

Sussex Recipe Book (November 2005)
With a few excursions into Kent
M.K. Samuelson

The Art of Cookery (December 2004)
John Thacker

The Boke of Keruynge (May 2003)
(Book of Carving)
Wynken de Worde

The French Cook (September 2001)
Englished by I.D.G., 1653
François Pierre La Varenne

The Complete Servant (June 2000)
Samuel and Sarah Adams

Liebig Company's Practical Cookery Book (January 1996)
Compiled by Hannah M. Young, 1894
Hannah M. Young

The Experienced English Housekeeper (January 1996)
Elizabeth Raffald

The Good Housewife's Jewel (January 1996)
Thomas Dawson

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