If the appeal of groups like al-Qa’ida is to be weakened, the nature of this appeal must be understood. The 9/11 Handbook contributes to such understanding.
Henry Munson, University of Maine, in Religion 39, 2009

The project is timely in a way that few academic projects are. The US War on Terror shows no sign of abating, and amid all the clamor for exit strategies from Afghanistan and Iraq, few have paid heed to the lessons that might be gleaned from 9/11, and particularly from the message of the actual hijackers. The existing English versions of the manual ar fragmentary and more schematic and suggestive than in depth or conclusive. The combination of two first class scholars – an historian of religion and an Arabist – who divide the task of presenting, then analyzing this critical text is as rare as it is welcome.
Bruce B. Lawrence, Nancy and Jeffrey Marcus Humanities Professor of Religion, Duke University, and author of Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden

Provide(s) a rich source especially for teaching.
Teemu Taira, University of Leeds, Temenos, Vol 44, No 2 (June 2009)