Notably well-organized and clearly written, this book shows the reader not only how to carry out a systematic analysis but also what questions might be illuminated by doing so… All in all, Suzanne Eggins and Diana Slade have produced a valuable resource for students, teachers and researchers interested in the language and meanings of casual conversation. Deborah Cameron

The wide range of relevant phenomena covered and the commitment to theoretical consistency combine very effectively to yield an intellectually exciting book… I have found that students tune in exceptionally well to Eggins’ and Slade’s style of presentation – Analysing Casual Conversation is my favourite on the topic at the moment. Erich Steiner

The reader-friendly construction of the book is one of its most valuable characteristics. Because of this construction, the insights contained in the material are made available both for theoretical pursuit within the academy and for more practical application in the classroom. Susan Feez, Education Australia Online