Offers something new and worthwhile to scholarship on conversion in antiquity.
Matthew Thiessen, McMaster University

Makes a significant contribution not only to the discussion of ancient conversion experiences but also to the discursive framework in which we as modern scholars try to understand those experiences.
Zeba A. Crook, Carleton University

This book offers a broader understanding of conversion as well as new terms, such as "religious change" and "multiple affiliation". Far from denying the existence of the phenomenon of conversion in the ancient world, this book shows its various aspects, employing the notions of inclusion and exclusion. The phenomena of conversion are linked to mechanisms that create "insiders" and "outsiders". The authors of this volume show that these mechanisms, then as now, are not only controlled by personal by personal choices, but are also linked to complex realities that involve cultural, social, economic and ethnic affiliations.
Études théologiques et religieuses

The volume offers variety and is a valuable read for anyone working with theories of conversion and identity.
Catholic Biblical Quarterly