The editors can be congratulated for their efforts that yielded a most valuable and highly informative overview of a largely neglected field of writing system research.
Martin Neef, TU Braunschweig, Written Language and Literacy 14:1 (2011)

It is a pioneering, fascinating and authoritative book. The 17 contributors cover a surprising range of topics in detail and with comprehensive bibliographies. …A landmark collection of articles by scholars.
Andrew Robinson, Wolfson College, Cambridge, in Nature, vol. 455 (October 2008)

While the book is heavily slanted towards Eastern Mediterranean and Near Eastern systems, which make up the bulk of the case studies, we are, nevertheless, provided with a battery of instructive and impressive discussions of the decline of scripts. Important and indispensible contributions to the still-fledgling study of writing and can be highly recommended to all.
Gordon Whittaker, Universität Göttingen, in Antiquity, Volume 84, Issue 324 (June 2010)

Each essay is informative and stimulating; the whole collection presents studies that should stimulate further research into a comprehensive analysis into the factors involved in the disappearance of writing systems. Baines and his colleagues deserve gratitude for this significant volume.
American Journal of Archaeology, 113

This is a fascinating book. It is not a final definitive treatment, but a pioneering first step, and a guide to the considerable opportunities for research, both on these writing systems and others which could not be included in this volume. The editors and contributors are to be congratulated for the success with which they have opened the discussion and pointed the way to others.
C.W. Shelmerdine, University of Texas, in Cambridge Archaeological Journal, vol. 20, no. 1, (2010)