In a neatly presented hardback illustrated throughout Kramer and his co-writer Alyn Shipton... tell the story of a Liverpool railwayman who became a leading figure in Mersey mania.
The Beat

He was the most handsome man on stage, and well-dressed too.
Ringo Starr

Seeing and hearing Billy J Kramer in the early days of what became known as the Merseybeat scene was an inspiration to all us teenagers in England. Here was a truly likeable, accessible gentleman, who had access to great songs, great writers and great musicians, who was one of us! At last someone real was taking it over!
Peter Noone

Billy J. Kramer’s story takes you on the full roller-coaster ride of British Invasion superstardom, rock and roll excess, sobriety, love, and music redemption. One day, William Ashton is a Liverpool railroad worker; the next day, he can’t go home because of all the screaming girls surrounding his house. His good friends, the Beatles, their mutual manager, Brian Epstein, Ed Sullivan, love affairs, drugs, alcohol…it’s a rock kaleidoscope of our 60’s icons, and, ultimately, Billy got to say: “I Won The Fight.” This is a don’t miss for any music fan...
Ken Dashow, DJ at WAXQ (Q104.3) New York City

Billy J Kramer and his band The Dakotas have always been an inspiration to me, especially when I was starting out. His voice and sound have always been unique. Billy’s a dear friend and one of the most humble people I know.
Peter Frampton

Billy is without a doubt the most unique, charming, welcoming and humble human being I've ever met. Within the first few days of working and hanging out with Billy, I felt like I had known him forever! His enthusiasm and youthful outlook are so inspiring and (thankfully) contagious. How can you not love a person who constantly lifts your spirits and is always inspiring? Billy's depth of feeling and thinking are beyond the norm.
Don Celenza, record producer

My friend Billy has seen it and has been through it all. He is a musical survivor. He is real and tells it like it is, ‘cause he has been there. If you are disappointed by the truth don’t ask Billy for an opinion. His only fault is his kindness. I love the man and consider him one of my best friends.
Liberty DeVitto, drummer

Refreshingly original, real, and important. We're fortunate indeed that Billy has given us such a vibrant, colorful, incisive, and fact-filled book. Grab a copy if you want to be aptly informed for your children or grandchildren - or, hey, just for yourself.
Paul Levinson

Kramer does not mince words and is equally frank about his fame as the dark side of it. For lovers of the Sixties music this book is definitely a must.
Keys & Chords

For all of us fascinated by British Invasion music, particularly the Merseybeat sound that erupted from Liverpool in the early 60s, this book is a must-read.
Pop Culture Classics

Anyone with an interest in the Mersey Beat era and the Liverpool music scene will want to read this excellent book.
British Beatles Fan Club Magazine