Overall, I highly recommend this volume. After reading the basic summary of Giovanni Garbini’s ideas, it is clear how each contributor reflects such a critical tradition. Likewise, the final contribution by Jim West, letters by Giovanni Garbini to West, helps to paint the full picture of a man who seeks truth and understanding of the reality of history, not the ideological hopes projected upon the past. Each author expertly writes in the spirit of Garbini and provides a valuable contribution to a wide range of specializations of Biblical Studies within this volume. And for $34.95, this exquisite quality of contributions that become available to reader make the volume worth its weight in gold.
The Biblical Review

There is a formidable array of scholarship with an extensive array of references and bibliography after each article. This book should help to cool the animus between those who take the historicity of the Bible as the point of departure and those who demand physical and tactile evidence from contemporary sources. It also raises the question of the meaning of myth in relationship to history for much further exploration.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament