A work of remarkable originality and scholarship... a brilliant landmark study that is a game changer in urban history and urban archaeology of the ancient world.
John Bintliff, Honorary Professor in Classical Archaeology, Edinburgh University

Asia Minor is generally thought to be one of the most highly urbanised provinces of the Roman Empire, but Rinse Willet's work is the first full-scale study of the chronology, extent and character of this urbanisation. Specialists in the archaeology of Asia Minor and scholars of Roman urbanisation more generally will find much of interest in W's methods and findings.
The Journal of Roman Studies

This is an ambitious project, focusing on the cities of Roman Asia Minor in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD by region. It examines how regions differed from one another by catego- rising cities according to their location, size and the presence of various buildings. Scholars have already been doing this for a long time informally and subjectively, but Rinse Willet is more systematic, making good use of GIS to quantify these factors and good use of a large number of colour illustrations to display the results.
Ancient West and East