There is no work that competes with the scope and thoroughness of Valdman's book. The author has built his academic career on the publication of eye-popping cornerstone reference works, and this tome is no exception. It is a vast edifice of learning that scholars and students can draw from, it greatly advances Haitian Creole linguistics, and it once again shows the unmatched leadership of Albert Valdman in Haitian Creole Studies.
Journal of French Language Studies

This major contribution, written by the world's most renowned specialist of Haitian Creole, is the most comprehensive study of the language. I thoroughly enjoyed reading [it]. I heartedly recommend it to students and senior linguists who are interested in Haitian Creole and Creole studies in general.
Anthropological Linguistics

The publication of this book is a welcome development for Creole Studies; carried out by one of its uncontested specialists, it is already a major reference work on Haitian Creole ... a language to which there was as yet no such complete study. (translated from the French original)
Journal of Language Contact