The power of language: How discourse influences society is a well-scaffolded introduction to the study of ‘the role of language in producing and maintaining powerful relations’ (p.1), combining a CDA perspective with SFL based analysis. Targeting a novice audience in a tertiary educational setting, the volume gradually builds on SFL concepts extending beyond the frequently used nominalisation and agent deletion to include mood and modality, lexical cohesion, Theme, and parataxis, among many others. The grammatical analysis is used to inform the answers to CDA analytical questions such as power relations between participants, their feelings and intentions.
Language, Context and Text

In our current times, in which old ideological battles are being replayed across traditional print media, finding new forms and new modes of confrontation on social media platforms and passing from discourse to action in our streets, The Power of Language: How Discourse Influences Society is a pertinent and relevant textbook of interest to advanced undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers within the fields of language and linguistics.
Journal of Language & Discrimination, Vo. 5.1, 2021