Iconic Books and Texts should be praised for infusing into the study of religion a long-awaited and broader focus on the material side of the religious text.

The essays in this volume creatively and effectively draw together different historical epochs, varied religious and cultural traditions and ritual practices, and diverse scholarly methodologies to create a finely woven tapestry depicting the enduring, transcultural, and mutually supportive significances of iconic books and texts. In addition to giving these previously published essays a wider audience, this collection will help foster meaningful cross-disciplinary conversation between readers interested in all aspects of the history of the book.

An engaging, accessible, and important contribution to the intersection of textual studies and the analysis of material and visual culture.
Review of Biblical Literature

I highly recommend this volume to those interested in reflecting on the value of the Qur'an both today and in the past through cross-cultural comparison and new perspectives.
Andrew Rippin, University of Victoria and Institute of Ismaili Studies, Journal of Qur'anic Studies