The volume by Sheedy is an important, intriguing and welcome analysis of what is at stake in the Western study of Islam. I only hope that such approaches will be echoed and analyzed (and not marginalized) in other Muslim societies where the study of Islam still largely takes place in a vacuum.
Reading Religion

I recommend the book for all students and researchers on Islam, as it is an excellent work on how relations of power, knowledge, the self, the academy and the study of Islam are entangled.
Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations

Many readers may find a path forward in situating themselves in the field by appreciating that boundaries are based on human choices, not essential truths. For all the binaries offered in the provocations that led up to this volume, readers will find nuanced approaches that introduce practical strategies for how they might approach their own work in Islamic studies. This book would be useful to graduate students (especially in North America) and early career scholars seeking a balanced introduction to questions of identity and politics in Islamic studies.
Religious Studies Review