Robin Fawcett is a first rate linguist and one of the major figures in both systemic functional grammar and in the computer implementation of grammars… Publications from the Cardiff Grammar… for which Fawcett is largely responsible, are fascinating and rewarding: a fruitful fusion of theorizing and pragmatism – a pointer to important developments in the linguistics of the next millennium.
Michael Gregory, Emeritus Professor, York University, Toronto

There can be no doubt that Systemic Functional Grammar has lived up to its claim to be a text-oriented theory of language… it has achieved a much wider coverage of English grammar than other approaches, this being especially true of the Cardiff Grammar… In my view the Cardiff model represents a substantial improvement on the Sydney account.
Christopher Butler, Honorary Professor, Swansea University

I find it really tempting to use the book in my own teaching. Fawcett’s many suggestions deserve more attention, and the Sydney grammar would benefit from adjustments in the light of Fawcett’s arguments.
Carl Bache, University of Southern Denmark, Functions of Language, 17:2 (December 2010)

Fawcett, in his ‘Invitation,’ has provided a clear and accessible introduction to his version of SFL….
Edward McDonald, University of New South Wales, Linguist List 22.4122, October 2011