A commendable work. The first six chapters alone allow readers to gain basic information about the great diversity of pilgrimage routes in Japan as well as specifics about pilgrimage rituals and etiquette, material culture, and so on. Pye's views about the meaning of Buddhist pilgrimage in Japan are built upon the premise that the motivations for undertaking them are intrinsically religious at their core. While this will not be persuasive to all, it offers an important academic perspective.
Religious Studies Review

A fascinating work which should prove an enduring resource in the study of Japanese religions and pilgrimage studies more generally. It is well-written, highly informative and based on much first-hand observation and hard-to-obtain Japanese sources.
Professor Brian Bocking, University College Cork

The details offered here are crucial to an understanding of Japanese pilgrimage culture, and many of the insights that Pye gives on invention and hybridization of religious practices are highly germane to the anthropology of Japanese, Eastern, and indeed all religion.
Anthropology Review Database