This entire volume is a noteworthy contribution, remarkable in its thoughtful approach to the diverse relationships between textual/oral storytelling practices and visual narratives (both material in the form of art and mentally generated as visions). To varying degrees, all of the essays explore fascinating aspects of these relationships. I anticipate that this book will be of great interest to all scholars of Buddhism (in India and beyond), which is a real contribution, as often art historical and textual specialists publish in different venues.
Catherine Becker, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Art History, University of Illinois at Chicago

This volume explores the intersection of Buddhist art and literature, and the complex ways that verbal and visual narratives engage one another. The result is a brilliant synthesis that is sure to appeal to a wide cross-section of scholars and will no doubt be cited many times in the years to come.
Andy Rotman, Sydenham Clark Parsons Professor and Professor of Religion, Buddhist Studies, and South Asian Studies, Smith College