This is an innovative and valuable addition to the growing literature on the Qur’an and philosophy and is worth serious attention.
Philosophy East and West

This book is, without a doubt, Campanini's own great contribution to the ongoing hermeneutical applications to the Holy Text. Campanini's book will find its way to philosophical and theological seminars in the field of contemporary Islamic thought, owing to the ideas expressed with balance, nuances, and its profound informative structure.
Synthesis Philosophica

The Qur’an can be considered as a philosophical book: it does not contain only theological truths. The new exegetical approach which applies philosophical tools to the Qur’an is perhaps definable as “Philosophical Qur’anology”, a neologism I coined along with the “Philosophical Christology”: as Jesus Christ in Christianity is the object of thought, so in Islam the Qur’an can become the object of thought, being the role of Christ in Islam played by the Qur’an. I chose phenomenology in order to study the pivotal philosophical principle of Islam: the Oneness and Uniqueness of God.
Extract from an interview with the author appearing in Corriere del Trentino 26 November 2016