An interesting and unusual take on Jung's Red Book, that helps us to see how the Red Book may be pertinent to both the detailed issues of our own life and the existential territory that we must all pass through. It has caused me to think deeply and at times furiously.
Ian Rees, Psychotherapist, Annwn Foundation

Drawing on parallels with more recent psychological and neurological research, this is bound to be of huge interest to scholars, psychologists and those interested in what it has to say about spirituality. This lucidly written book will also be of interest to those wanting an introduction to or wanting to navigate their own way through Jung's multi-layered text.
Graham Mummery, poet and transpersonal psychotherapist, and author of Meeting My Inners

Insightful analysis. Summaries of Jung’s visions and representative quotes give a decent sense of the philosopher’s writing, and citations to the three most common versions of Red Book are helpful.
Publishers Weekly