This book is a collection of deep reflections on the struggles of all those “modern prophets” who are fighting against the Empire in their own contexts through multiple ways. They are academics, activists, artists, theologians, and common people from the margins of the society.
We pray that these testimonies of resistance will inspire all of us and strengthen our common struggle against the Empire. We urge that through this work our global network of anti-war and anti-militarization will be strengthened.
Sudipta Singh, Mission Secretary, Research and Capacity Development, Council for World Mission, Singapore

This book contains extraordinary material. It is a brilliant mix of interpretation and realisation by outstanding thinkers, activists and intellectuals from many walks of life and origins as to what a world at peace requires. The language and its scope is fascinating and gives one hope that with such clear minded people spread across our globe progress towards peace for all humanity and success thereof is indeed possible.
Dr. Denis Halliday, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations who resigned from his 34 year old career in the UN in protest of the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq by the Security Council