Social Practices in Higher Education is a fitting tribute to the father of integrated language and content instruction. This volume expands Bernard Mohan’s seminal work (Mohan, 1986) and subsequent research in elementary and secondary education to studies in higher education, teacher development and coaching, social discourse analysis, and more. The durability, flexibility, and applicability of the Knowledge Framework is clear. Researchers have used the framework across subject disciplines to analyze diverse types of texts used in university courses and the academic discussions expressed in classrooms, to enhance pre- and in-service teachers’ lesson and curriculum planning skills in order to strengthen academic language learning opportunities, and to improve university-level student use of content-specific academic language in writing and oral interactions. Readers will appreciate the creativity of many researchers who have applied the Knowledge Framework to a variety of contexts and who show us how to move theory into practice.
Dr. Deborah J. Short, Director, Academic Language Research & Training and Past President, TESOL International Association (2021-22)