Elements of Music Management - Sally Gross

Elements of Music Management - Sally Gross

Live Music Industry: Nothing Like the Real Thing

Elements of Music Management - Sally Gross

Tony Crean [+-]
University of Westminster
Tony Crean is an experienced artist manager and marketing consultant with over 20 years’ experience in record labels, management and international touring with award-winning artists including Goldfrapp, The Chemical Brothers & Portishead. Since 2009 he has also been a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster. He is a member of the Music Manager's Forum Copyright Committee.


This chapter will focus on developments in the live music industry in recent years from the impact of the downturn in the recording industry to the growth of large scale events, global touring and festival sponsorships. It will examine the roles of the key stakeholders, agents, promoters, artists & audience, and will assess the impact of key factors including artist fees, ticket pricing, the growth of booking & service charges and issues around the secondary ticketing industry. The discussion will reflect on the disruptive effect of technology on both the recording and live industries and the impact on traditional touring models, including the developments in artist-fan relationships social media, the value of data and the attention economy. It will also assess the increased importance of sponsorship & brand relationships in the live industry, and the potential future developments of interactive technology and the challenges they offer to the cultural value of the artist - audience relationship.

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