London Township: the 1980s

Thunder in their Hearts - South African Jazz in Britain - Francis Gooding

Francis Gooding [+-]
Francis Gooding is a writer and researcher who has published widely on art, music and film. He worked as author and researcher on the Colonial Film: Images of the British Empire project (, and is a member of the British Empire at War Research Group. He is a contributing editor to Critical Quarterly magazine, and is the author of Black Light: Myth and Meaning in Modern Painting (Blackwells, 2009).


This chapter portrays the high profile of the South African cause within the London scene (such as 100 Club; Bahula’s Jazz Afrika) as well as developments in continental Europe.and the growing status of Nelson Mandela. Thatcher's Britain and attitudes towards South Africa are examined as a political solution emerges and the ANC is 'unbanned' and Mandela is released.

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Gooding, Francis . London Township: the 1980s. Thunder in their Hearts - South African Jazz in Britain. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Jul 2023. ISBN 9781781790830. Date accessed: 20 Oct 2021 doi: 10.1558/equinox.24997. Jul 2023

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