Assessing the Language of Young Learners - Angela Hasselgreen

Assessing the Language of Young Learners - Angela Hasselgreen

Testing Listening

Assessing the Language of Young Learners - Angela Hasselgreen

Angela Hasselgreen [+-]
University of Bergen
Angela Hasselgreen is Professor of Language Didactics at the University of Bergen. She has many years’ experience working with young language learners and their teachers, in Norway and beyond. Her career has covered language teaching, teacher training and language testing, as well as the coordination of several projects in the field of assessingthe language of young learners - locally, nationally and internationally. Her research has largely focussed on assessment in the language classroom, and the potential role of the CEFR and ELP in assessing and teaching young learners. Her publications include books, chapters and articles on young learner assessment, and she has contributed actively to the Council of Europe’s work on the development of CEFR-based ’can dos’ for young learners.
Gwendydd Caudwell [+-]
British Council
Gwendydd Caudwell is Aptis Product Development Manager for the British Council based in Dubai. She has extensive experience in teaching, teacher training and management for the British Council around the world. She is responsible for the research and design of new variants of Aptis and British Council tests and has also worked on designing and implementing tests in different contexts such as the Science Olympiad Foundation in India and a Young Learner test for a large project in Uruguay. Her particular areas of interest are rater judgements and Young Learner assessment. Gwendydd completed her MA in Language Testing with Lancaster University in 2012 and is currently working on a PhD looking at the spoken performance of teenagers aged 13-15.


This chapter focuses on ‘non-collaborative’ listening, building on what was presented on testing the spoken language. Some general issues are discussed, before presenting a model of listening, followed by a practical consideration of the testing of L2 listening at different ages/levels.

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Hasselgreen, Angela ; Caudwell, Gwendydd. Testing Listening. Assessing the Language of Young Learners. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 104-112 Nov 2016. ISBN 9781781794708. Date accessed: 22 Oct 2020 doi: 10.1558/equinox.30086. Nov 2016

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