Conclusion: Critical Regionalism, De-regionalism and the Global

Provincial Headz - British Hip Hop and Critical Regionalism - Adam de Paor-Evans

Adam de Paor-Evans [+-]
University of Central Lancashire
Adam de Paor-Evans is Principal Lecturer in Cultural Theory at the University of Central Lancashire.


The final chapter opens with a set of three conclusions that pull the three most important discoveries of the book together coherently and clearly, these being: 1. That an acquired hybrid Hip Hop culture existed as a critically engaged set of practices in the non-urban spaces and places of Britain, and that this hybrid culture was a counter approach to the established and expected ways that one should conduct their life, 2. That Hip Hop as a solely urban practice is mythical form of heterotopia designed by consumer capitalism; and finally, 3. The de-regionalisation and critical regionalism present in non-urban British Hip Hop culture can act as a frame to realise the potential for greater critical engagement in both Hip Hop practice and in everyday life; in many ways, these are inseparable. These points are expanded into sections in their own right, which fully explained and solidified firmly document the importance of these marginal, non-urban practices to British Hip Hop culture.

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de Paor-Evans, Adam. Conclusion: Critical Regionalism, De-regionalism and the Global. Provincial Headz - British Hip Hop and Critical Regionalism. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. Mar 2020. ISBN 9781781796450. Date accessed: 24 Jun 2019 doi: 10.1558/equinox.33501. Mar 2020

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