Troubling Normative Curricular Materials

Queering the English Language Classroom - A Practical Guide for Teachers - Joshua M. Paiz

Joshua M. Paiz [+-]
George Washington University
Joshua M. Paiz is a Teaching Assistant Professor in the English for Academic Purposes Program at George Washington University


Chapter four begins by discussing how many mainstream curricular materials (e.g., textbooks, media, etc.) present students with heteronormative views of the world. It will then highlight for the reader how this heteronormativity can create issues in the language learning classroom. It will then present how to purposefully queer existing curricular materials so that students can begin to explore both linguistic and cultural issues related to LGBTQ+ identity options in the local context. This chapter also returns to the work of Robert O’Mochiaim, Greg Curran, and Thorsten Merse to provide educators with a practical framework for developing their own, locally relevant materials to help queer the language classroom.

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Paiz, Joshua. Troubling Normative Curricular Materials. Queering the English Language Classroom - A Practical Guide for Teachers. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. Nov 2020. ISBN 9781781797945. Date accessed: 07 Dec 2019 doi: 10.1558/equinox.36312. Nov 2020

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