Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Interaction and Negotiation of Meaning

Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Alessandro Benati [+-]
University College Dublin
Professor Alessandro Benati (School of Education, University College Dublin) has held academic positions in several British and overseas institutions. He is known for his work in second language acquisition, and he published ground-breaking research on the pedagogical framework called processing instruction. His research on processing instruction has been recently driven by the use of new online measurements (e.g., eye tracking, and self-paced reading). Alessandro has coordinated national and international high-impact research projects which have been influential in determining educational policy and had an impact in providing effective language teacher training programs. He is the author and co-author of several research monographs, peer-reviewed articles in high-ranked journals, and editor and co-editor of book series and scientific journals such as Cambridge Elements in SLA and Instructed Second Language Acquisition. He was a member of the sub-panel for Modern Languages and Linguistics for the Research Excellence Framework for England (REF 2021), AHRC Panel, and he is an Honorary Professor at Your SJ University (UK), University of Hong Kong (China), Adjunct Professor at Macquarie University (Australia), and Visiting Professor at Anaheim University (USA)


• Language instructors and L2 learners should interact with each other in a language task. The role of the instructor is the one who designs the task and encourages participation and contribution from L2 learners. Learners’ role is to share responsibility in interaction and task completion. By providing a series of tasks to complete we encourage learners to take responsibility for generating the information themselves rather than just receiving it; • Language instructors should reduce their speaking time in class and increase learner’s speaking time; • Language instructors should ask eliciting questions in order to prompt L2 learners to interact with NS and NNS; • Language instructors should give learners positive feedback. They should indicate positive signs when interacting; • Language instructors should provide L2 learners with a rich environment where meaningful communication takes place.

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