Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

1. Introduction

Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

Theodora Wildcroft [+-]
The Open University
Theo Wildcroft, PhD, is a teacher, trainer, writer, and scholar, whose research considers the democratization of yoga post-lineage, and the evolving practice of teaching yoga for community health. She is the author of Post-Lineage Yoga: From Guru to #MeToo, an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, and Project Coordinator for the SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies.


Chapter 1 contextualises the emergence of post-lineage yoga as a phenomenon. While mindfulness apps and Instagram yoga stars are still in the business of selling yoga, we are also witnessing a widespread reckoning with abuses by high-profile teachers, and growing attempts to diversify the practice to marginalised and vulnerable populations. As I will show, all these developments are also characteristic of post-lineage yoga. Beyond the simple dichotomies of traditional versus commercial, spiritual versus secular, and indeed born of the productive tensions between them, post-lineage yoga defies easy categorisation. • The usefulness of post-lineage yoga (PLY) as a concept for understanding a little-known British subculture of yoga camps and festivals • A comparison of PLY with the visible yoga mainstream: PLY as subculture and as process • Key features of the camps at the heart of the subculture

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