A timely and original piece of research that builds on a growing literature on the various manifestations of yoga in the contemporary context.
Stephen Jacobs, Senior Lecturer in Media, Religion and Culture, University of Wolverhampton, UK

A fascinating analysis of yoga subcultures, and the modern-day, ‘post-lineage’ yogis who operate on the fringes of the mainstream yoga marketplace, and outside traditional patriarchal structures of yogic authority. This highly original book is a milestone in the study of modern yoga.
Mark Singleton, SOAS, University of London, UK

Wildcroft successfully illustrates a vivid portrait of a new and extraordinarily multifaceted world of yoga beyond established lines. She manages to create close proximity to the actual practice of yoga through interviews, descriptions of yoga camp life, graphic depictions of forms of practice and a number of images. Thereby, the dynamics of yoga practice and the impacts and transformations actors ascribe to it are easily comprehensible. The author takes recourse to theories of embodiment and sensory perception to explain these impacts and transformations.
Wildcroft has offered an important basis for the research of present social transformations and individual life worlds of yoga practice.

An outstanding work that moves yoga studies in fresh directions.
Nova Religio