Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

5. Case Studies

Post-lineage Yoga - From Guru to #MeToo - Theodora Wildcroft

Theodora Wildcroft [+-]
The Open University
Theo Wildcroft, PhD, is a teacher, trainer, writer, and scholar, whose research considers the democratization of yoga post-lineage, and the evolving practice of teaching yoga for community health. She is the author of Post-Lineage Yoga: From Guru to #MeToo and co-editor of The Yoga Teacher’s Survival Guide, an Associate Lecturer at the Open University, Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester, and former Project Coordinator for the SOAS Centre of Yoga Studies.


Part 2 moves to six case studies of yoga teachers who are key figures in their common subculture. 6 practice case studies, each with a key theme: Case study 1: “The pristine body” Case study 2: The “microbial temple” Case study 3: The dance of “Śiva and Śakti” Case study 4: “Part of you and part of nature and everything” Case study 5: “Building nerves of steel” with building blocks of practice Case study 6: “One step in the world and one step in spirit”

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