Indigenizing Movements in Europe - Graham Harvey

Indigenizing Movements in Europe - Graham Harvey

Introduction: Indigenizing Movements in Europe

Indigenizing Movements in Europe - Graham Harvey

Graham Harvey [+-]
Open University
Graham Harvey is Professor of Religious Studies at the Open University, UK. His research is concerned with the performance and rhetoric of identities among Jews, Pagans and indigenous peoples. He is particularly interested in the 'new animism', embracing relational and material approaches to interactions between humans and the larger than human world. His recent publications include The Handbook of Contemporary Animism(2013) and Food, Sex and Strangers: Understanding Religion as Everyday Life (2013).


Introducing the core themes of this book entails recognition of the complex and contested nature not only of the comparisons involved but also of the practice of comparison itself. Paul C. Johnson’s coinage of the term “indigenizing” is tested in the main chapters of the volume for its applicability and value in relation to religious movements in Europe. The term is part of a continuum, at the opposite end to “extending” or “universalizing” and Johnson deployed it to advance understanding of Indigenous movements and cultures in the Caribbean and South America. The possibility that it works for other religious movements, and once that are not “Indigenous” in Johnson’s sense, is debated here. Thus, the comparative categories “World”, “New” and “Indigenous” are introduced – and challenged.

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Harvey, Graham. Introduction: Indigenizing Movements in Europe. Indigenizing Movements in Europe. Equinox eBooks Publishing, United Kingdom. p. 1-11 Mar 2020. ISBN 9781781797914. Date accessed: 26 Nov 2022 doi: 10.1558/equinox.40857. Mar 2020

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