The Psychology of the Yogas - Gidi Ifergan

The Psychology of the Yogas - Gidi Ifergan

The Psychological Layers in Patañjali’s Yoga

The Psychology of the Yogas - Gidi Ifergan

Gidi Ifergan [+-]
Monash University
Dr Gidi Ifergan researches the Indian Philosophy and Tibetan Buddhism at Monash University. Since 1997, Gidi has practiced and taught yoga in Australia and Israel. He teaches classic Indian yoga and Dzogchen, a stream of Tibetan Buddhism. Both of these practices are capable of healing suffering and unlocking the intrinsic clarity that already resides within us. Gidi’s yoga practice and classes are integrated with a rich understanding of the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. This is informed by the many years Gidi has spent studying the traditional teachings of Indian and Tibetan yogas, including visits to Varanasi, India, Tibet and Bhutan.


Chapter One, The Psychological Layers in Patañjali's Yoga, addresses the fundamental concepts of Patañjali's philosophy of mind and psychological system, exploring in-depth and articulating existential content of concepts such as subliminal imprints (samskāras), patterns of behaviour (vāsanā), the causes of affliction (kleśa), sense of I-am-ness (asmitā) as ego, memory (smṛti) and sleep (nidrā).

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