Indigenous Religious Traditions in Five Minutes - Molly Bassett

Indigenous Religious Traditions in Five Minutes - Molly Bassett

18. Is Vodou (Voodoo) a religion?

Indigenous Religious Traditions in Five Minutes - Molly Bassett

James Padilioni, Jr. [+-]
Swarthmore College
James Padilioni, Jr. is Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion at Swarthmore College. His research and teaching foreground African Diasporic ritual cultures, ontology and critical race theory of Blackness, and deep ecology studies, with a particular focus in Afro-Latinx folk Catholicism, herbalism and pharmacopeia, and spirit ecstasy traditions. James also cohosts the Always Already critical theory podcast (


Indigenous Religious Traditions in Five Minutes aims to answer many of the questions that come to mind when we think about the religious lives of Native and Indigenous peoples of the world. Scholars from many fields answer dozens of questions about a wide variety of specific Indigenous religious traditions and an array of the ideas, practices, and beliefs many people associate with them. Do Native peoples have “creator Gods?” What is shamanism? Why are there so many spellings of "voodoo?" Is Paganism considered an Indigenous religious tradition? We also interrogate the concept of "Indigenous religious traditions," by asking what the phrase means in relation to the larger fields of Native American and Indigenous Studies and Religious Studies, whether all religions were at some point "indigenous," and what the value of studying Indigenous religious traditions is today. Specialists respond to questions like these and many others in easily accessible language and provide references for further exploration, making this volume useful for personal study or classroom use.

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