Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education - Andy Curtis

Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education - Andy Curtis

Series Editor's Preface

Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education - Andy Curtis

Thomas S.C. Farrell [+-]
Brock University
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Thomas S.C. Farrell is Professor of Applied Linguistics at Brock University, Canada. His professional interests include Reflective Practice, and Language Teacher Education & Development. He has published widely and has presented at major conferences worldwide on these topics. His webpage is:


Andy Curtis’ edited book, Reflecting on Leadership in Language Education, although consisting of reflections from ten leaders in the field of education also has implications for all leadership issues in this time of global responses and nonresponses by leaders worldwide to the current Covid-19 pandemic. This timely book tackles the complex issue of what effective leadership entails in language education and focuses on the reflections of ten prominent language educators who have held various leadership positions that amount to 300 years of lived leadership experiences. After an introduction and overview by the editor, Andy Curtis, the book is organized into a four-part structure to help make each chapter accessible, in terms of being a relatively ‘quick read’, and to bring a consistency to the tremendously varied RTL experiences shared by the ten authors. Each of the four main chapters has an introduction by Andy Curtis which asks questions, followed by the ten authors’ responses.

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