One could say the book is like a kaleidoscope or patchwork; it does not flow smoothly and you cannot read it in one or a few sittings. But this is its beauty. Professional development and reflection require pausing, reflecting about experiences and planning ahead. The readers of the book will pick it up, put it down; they may need or simply enjoy longer reflective breaks. This book offers ample reflective incidents, events or even adventures; it is a unique personal experience.
Humanising Language Teaching

Reflective practice is already an important concept in education and in management and is likely to increase in importance as an essential skill and attitude of mind for teachers, trainers and leaders in language education. This addition to Equinox Publishing’s expanding list of studies of the role of reflective practice in language education is important for researchers and for teachers in administrative and leading teaching and teacher training roles. As well as its extensive use of reference its dynamic quality comes from the actual reflections of leaders in language education about their lives, their teaching and their working in running teaching organisations.
Training, Language and Culture

Will appeal to a wide market of leaders and aspiring leaders in the language education industry. While many publications of this type have tended to focus on the teacher, this instalment bridges the gap between leader and reflective practice. Curtis' first hand experience as an industry leader and knowledge of the pressures placed on those working in management positions across the language education sector enable him to present the stories of these ten leaders as illustrative, reflective models that are both instructive and inspirational.
English Australia Journal

Academic leaders, including programme managers, teacher educators and language teachers, will undoubtedly find keen insights contained within the pages of this streamlined book. It is an enjoyable read and offers sage advice for current leaders and those aspiring to leadership positions.