Why Enchantment?

Enchantment - A Critical Primer - Ian Alexander Cuthbertson

Ian Alexander Cuthbertson [+-]
Dawson College
Ian Alexander Cuthbertson is a professor in the Humanities Department at Dawson College in Montréal, Québec. Ian is broadly interested in exploring how the category “religion” is deployed to legitimize certain beliefs, practices, and institutions while delegitimizing others.


In the introduction, I situate enchantment as a key concept for engaging with a wide range of conversations both within and outside religious studies scholarship including: descriptions of modernity; accounts of secularization; conflicts between science and religion; differences between pre-modern and modern religious forms; comparisons between pre-modern and modern societies and religious expressions, new materialisms, immanent justifications for environmentalism, and arguments concerning the place of religious justifications in legal proceedings.

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