The German Ocean is a tour-de-magnum-force. The book is a real eye-opener with a mass of interconnected data set in context.
Andrew Rogerson, Senior Archaeologist (Norfolk)

This book is a magnificent analysis of archaeological contributions to an understanding of the impact of human interaction across the North Sea region over a period of five hundred years. It is a 'must-have'.
Dirk Rieger, Abteilung Archäologie Lübeck

For those working with or interested in British medieval archaeology, this book is invaluable for introducing new ideas and providing signposts to exciting new research being carried out both at home and abroad.
Archaeology Scotland

Elegantly written and full of extraordinary detail, it draws upon a huge amount of major archaeological excavations. Ayers' story fascinates in its sweep and detail.
Richard Hodges, President, American University of Rome in World Archaeology

The breadth of its vision is astonishing. Even the best informed archaeologist will find a new building or excavation among its pages or in its vast bibliography. It reveals, in particular, the riches of archaeology in the medieval towns of the Netherlands and northern Germany, as well as eastern England, all illustrated with numerous colour pictures.
British Archaeology

It is a great pleasure to welcome this most recent addition to the Studies in Medieval Archaeology series, through which Ayers’ life-long passion and erudition shine through.
Medieval Archaeology

This marvellous book is a definitive text that is all the more significant because the subject, the interconnectedness of the nations around the German Ocean, although of the greatest importance, has not previously been covered in any depth. Packed with archaeological evidence, very fully referenced and clearly illustrated, the book is an essential source for any researcher, field archaeologist or historian working on the medieval period from the western coast of Russia to the English Channel.