..this volume should be of significant interest to researchers for the insight it provides into the connections between linguistic theory and language acquisition data. Anyone engaged in phonological acquisition research would do well to spend some time with this book.
Studies in Second Language Acquisition

OTPAD constitutes a success: it is sound, interesting and entertaining. It is enviably well written and well produced, attempting to explain issues both broadly (how events should be viewed) and in detail (how events should be described). The authors are well-versed in and familiar with OT, both at the descriptive and explanatory level, and one can imagine OTPAD serving a very useful purpose in an OT introductory course.
Linguistics, Vol. 45, 2009

The broad swath of data on disordered and typical phonological acquisition is valuable by itself, but the
formulation of generalisations using the tools of OT makes the book a resource for the study of grammar change in acquisition. The theoretical analyses are mainly focused on the specific questions at hand and may have limited application to work on adult phonologies, but they embody a number of innovative claims, and deserve the attention of phonologists.

Eugene Buckley, University of Pennsylvania, Phonology 27, 2010