Sufism, Pluralism and Democracy succeeds in exploring the often-sidelined political contribution of Sufism. The chapters clearly answer questions such as what role Sufism plays in promoting pluralism, secularism, and democracy. The book examines Sufi teachings for ensuring human rights and gender equality. ... this book works well for those looking to get a basic idea about the political engagement of Sufis in modern democracies.
Reading Religion

For calling our attention to examples of Sufis in Turkey, Albania, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia who bring the resources of the Sufi tradition to bear on modern questions of governance and social cohesion, Bennett and Alam are to be commended.
Journal of Church and State

The case studies examine the role of everyday Sufism in regions that often do not receive scholarly attention and this attribute is one of the volume’s significant contributions to the field. Here is a book that gathers various experts to address the manifestation of Sufism in embodied realities of political mobilization and national projects as much as piety, philosophy, theology, and orthodoxy. The book is a must-read for scholars of Sufism and Islam.
Religious Studies Review