Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Learning and Acquisition

Key Terms for Language Teachers - A Pocket Guide - Alessandro Benati

Alessandro Benati [+-]
The University of Hong Kong
Alessandro Benati is Director of CAES at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). He is known for his work in second language acquisition and second language teaching. He has published ground-breaking research on the pedagogical framework called processing instruction. He is a member of the REF Panel 2021 and Honorary Professor at the University of York SJ.
Víctor Parra-Guinaldo [+-]
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Víctor Parra-Guinaldo obtained his Ph.D. in Rhetoric-Composition, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics at Arizona State University and has since taught a variety of composition and linguistics courses at the undergraduate level and for the MATESOL program. His research agenda lies in two main areas: historical linguistics, and in particularmorpho-syntactic phenomena within the Germanic and Romance language families, and applied linguistics, including second-language teaching and learning and pedagogical practices. He has published his latest research with Routledge and Springer, among others, whereas his first publication was a book of poetry at the age of 23. Dr. Parra-Guinaldo is a member of the Linguist List International Linguistics Community, Linguistics Society of America (LSA), and Society for Germanic Linguistics.


We should emphasise that today, regardless of distinction we can make between learning vs. acquisition, we accept that L2 learners develop an implicit mental representation of language. At the same time, it is accepted that L2 learners might also develop explicit learned knowledge. There is no evidence to demonstrate the learned system turn into the acquired system.

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