A welcome addition to the array of academically inclined instructional manuals on how to create reader-friendly scientific texts. The author is an expert in the field of teaching scientific writing in the discipline of the Social Sciences and offers a compact volume with plenty of useful advice to students and guidance to tutors of scientific writing.

The most attractive feature of the book is its balanced mix of explanations, theory and task-based approach with a strong emphasis on skills building through activities, which are all based on authentic materials showcasing some similarities but also many differences between disciplines under the Social Sciences umbrella.
Linguist List 24.396, January 2013

This book represents a useful addition to the pedagogical literature for teachers who instruct novice social scientists in professional writing. It could easily succeed as the main course text for an advanced undergraduate or graduate level research writing course for students in any of the social sciences.
Journal of English for Academic Purposes, July 2011