This book serves as an excellent aid in recognizing and elaborating on the patterns found within email communication between students and instructors. It is beneficial to linguists and the academic field as it enhances knowledge concerning the discourse strategies used by students. The author does an excellent job of presenting her collected natural data, analyzing the different function categories, identifying patterns and offering explanations. ..This book would be beneficial in university pedagogy courses that educate young and aspiring instructors to become more knowledgeable, insightful and effective. The contents of this book can easily be understood, and is pertinent in particular to foreign language instructors.
LinguistList, October 2016

The Inbox addresses an important gap in research in pragmatics and technology-mediated discourse, and the findings will serve as an important baseline for comparison with future studies. Ewald identifies several crucial directions for research that would shed further light on patterns of student/facultycommunication outside of class using email and other technologies.
Language Learning & Technology, 20.1 (2016)