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The History of European Jazz is a monumental work of international scholarship, which has been part-funded by the EU. The large format, two-column layout means that each page is twice the size you would find in a conventional book. There are 742 pages, with 45 contributors from across the continent.
The importance of this book [is that it is] published in just one language – English. At last, we have a single publication that brings together a vast collection of knowledge and ideas and traditions, many of which have never travelled beyond certain national boundaries. Each chapter not only narrates the development of jazz in each country but includes a separate bibliography and listening guide.
To call
The History of European Jazz fascinating is something of an understatement. Every chapter is full of extraordinary information.
Peter Jones, Jazz in Europe

One of the most ambitious projects in jazz scholarship... the first extensive look at the history of indigenous European jazz as written by the experts of each country or region...covered in detail previously unavailable to English readers...
The New York City Jazz Record

As one slightly sceptical observer put it to me, “The project really is limitless in its scale.” Indeed so. Jazz in Europe over the past century is a vast, disparate and more or less inexhaustible subject. So it is definitely to the credit of those involved that they have not only managed to pack so much in between the book’s black covers, that they have given it such a sense of order and structure, and that the standard of the English and of the proofing are so good. It is also very well illustrated and the picture captions are detailed and highly informative.
...the cultural, historical and economic contexts in the different countries are never the same. And the approach of allowing a specialist from the country concerned to tell each story gives that authentic sense of where the music comes from.
...books on this ambitious scale are increasingly a rarity. The fact that this one has received the backing to actually come into being, and that it has been done this well, is nothing short of a miracle.
London Jazz News