Ancient Cookware from the Levant is a key piece in the puzzle of ancient food preparation in the southern Levant and is a necessary addition to any library or collection on the subject.
Biblical Archaeology Review

L.’s ethnographic observations lead to a convincing explanation for the prohibition of cooking a kid in its mother’s milk, and she demonstrates how continuity and change in pottery are due to the practicality and functionality of cookware, rather than historical, social or political change. A valuable and rigorous contribution to the archaeology of the Levant.
Journal for the Study of the Old Testament

The book is an important supplement which should be essential reading not only by archaeologists who specialise in ceramics but also by anyone who studies the biblical world.
Zeitschrift für die Alttestamentliche Wissenschaft

Ancient Cookware from the Levant is an extraordinary volume that brings together decades of ground-breaking research by one of ethnoarchaeology’s most notable and accomplished ceramic experts. High production values and copious illustrations make this a volume of standout quality destined to become a fundamental reference text for ceramics specialists of the ancient Near East and beyond.

London successfully combined ethnoarchaeological research, written sources, and a large-scale review of archaeological finds. By doing so, London succeeded in bridging the gap between the current ethnoarchaeological research and the behavioral study of daily life activities as manifested with clay-made cooking vessels. The book supplies more useful tools for the arsenal of anyone interested in the ancient Near East, and her research will hopefully be used by the scholarly community in the coming years.
Journal of Near Eastern Studies