Volume 1 is extremely well written and should be a much sought after publication for anyone studying Early Mesolithic subsistence strategies, both for the new research presented and the thought-provoking debates. The inclusion of radiocarbon measurements in several contributions is extremely beneficial for anyone wanting to re-analyse the data in the future. The volume makes a lot of literature accessible for the wider community through translation, particularly Norwegian and Swedish, which is extremely useful.

A new, solid platform for further knowledge development about this fascinating period in our common prehistory.
Viking: Norsk arkeologisk årbok

An important contribution to the settlement of Northern Europe.
Represents an incredible collection of articles focused on the time just after the Weichselian Ice Age. The three books contain a plethora of information regarding flora, fauna, geology and technology, stemming from decades of excavation and of research on the vast body of material unearthed, especially in Norway.
European Journal of Archaeology