A collection of well-rounded studies in the fields of education and translation. The chapters present meaningful ways of analyzing the role and potential of language in the two fields, as well as innovative applications, such as curriculum design and teaching language across the disciplines, and nuances between classical, modern, and multimodal texts, respectively. The three sections of the book include interconnected chapters that highlight powerful SFL resources and profound insights that will enrich researchers and practitioners. Moreover, the chapters expand SFL possibilities through various languages (Spanish, Danish, Chinese, Italian, English as a second language), countries (Mexico, Denmark, Qatar, Italy), and contexts (educational settings, literature field, and museums). Recurrent themes of professional collaboration, scaffolding, explicit teaching, and disciplinary language evolve and repeat as leitmotifs throughout the book.
Language in Action: SFL Theory across Context includes an exemplary corpus of SFL studies, illustrating broad possibilities, stimulating reflective inquiries, and encouraging collaborations between experts in different fields of knowledge.
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