When a terrific teacher of poetry intersects with the great and grand subject of science, a practical and intriguing book is born. Writing Poetry through the Eyes of Science is usable, interesting, and filled with specific and helpful suggestions for the teacher who wishes to meld poetic response and scientific literacy.
Dr. Leila Christenbury, Commonwealth Professor, English Education, Department of Teaching and Learning/School of Education/Virginia Commonwealth University

The book is an innovative attempt at fusing interdisciplinary learning between English and science, especially between English poetic literacy and science literacy. It is also an attempt at fusing academic knowledge and practical pedagogy. The book draws substantially on the existing literature of science poetry and the author’s personal experience of science, poetry and science poetry. It also provides practical pedagogical suggestions including the learning materials used for teachers who are interested. All in all, the book is an innovation into an area of teaching and learning that is much called for in terms of interdisciplinary learning.
Stella Kong, Hong Kong Institute of Education